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(I'm not sure if this should be posted in IS or here. If this is not the right place, move it to IS)

It’s a topic that has been quickly discussed in this thread some time ago, but I think it deserves its own full topic. The proposal is pretty simple: make a separate and new badge for Tournament hosts, and possibly a Top variant of it. Right now, tournament hosting is rewarded through the Community Contributor, and while it is a form of reward, I believe it should have its specific reward, pretty much as the Smogon Discord Contributor.

Now hear me out, I’m not trashing out the way tournaments hosts are rewarded. There is an existing way to reward their work. However, tournaments are a crucial part of this website, and having them running well is what essentially makes Smogon interesting for a lot of users. This initiative could foster a stronger sense of community among tournament hosts, enabling them to connect and collaborate more effectively. The existence of a dedicated badge would also motivate the sharing of best practices, encouraging the growth and improvement of tournament organization within the Smogon community, especially in association with the newly introduced Tournament host central hub.

Tournaments play a vital role in making Smogon an engaging platform for users, and acknowledging the organizers with a dedicated badge would demonstrate their importance and encourage continued excellence in this crucial aspect of the community.


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We have been internally discussing the options to reward tournament hosts and contributors further for a few months now, and have been working on and off with site staff towards goals similar to the ones outlined in your post. This is a long process and not our first/only priority, but there is already firm intent to take action and it hopefully won't be long before we can show the results of our work. We will lock this thread since we already agree with its purpose. Thank you for voicing your feedback!


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This happened. Following discussions among the Tournaments Oversight team, alongside general feedback from the wider TD team, Senior Staff, and Community Leaders, the Tournament Host badge has been created and implemented.

Special thanks to G.E.Z. for creating the postbit badge design based on the Relic Badge
and to a fairy and Theia for doing the bulk of the archive diving for historical hosting data!

note: while credits for all trophy tournaments and circuit tournaments have been accounted for as far as we're aware, historical data for subforum and certain unofficial tournaments that count towards the tour host badge only goes back about 5 years, so if you think you're eligible for the badge but aren't receiving it please reach out to somebody on the oversight team
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